Choosing a Processor

Things To Consider When Choosing A Credit Card Processor

Time In Business / Financial Stability

The most import item to consider when choosing a merchant account provider is how long they have been in business and if you will receive your deposits. The last thing you want to worry about is whether you will receive your credit card deposits in your business account. Global Processing Systems has been in business for 17 years and is financially stable. We process credit cards for large institutions as well as for people running their businesses from their homes.

Customer Service

Are you tired of leaving messages and waiting for a call when contacting your merchant services provider? That is not the case with Global Processing Systems, we have a full staff ready to answer any questions regarding your merchant statement 24/7/365. You can call us directly at 866-823-1960 with any question. We provide you with one point of contact. No longer will you have to contact your sales representative. We have live operators that can answer any of your calls.

Technical Support / Credit Card Terminal Assistance

Its 1:00 am and your terminal stops working. You have a line of customers at your restaurant, who do you call? Global Processing Systems has 24/7/365 technical support that can assist you with any terminal issues. Many merchant account providers can only provide service between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, that’s what sets us apart from our competition. We are here to troubleshoot any technical issues and keep your business running.

PCI Compliance

The PCI Security Standard Council was formed in 2006 by five major payment brands including American Express, Discover Financial, JCB, Mastercard International and Visa Inc. They create a standard body and security framework for how to protect cardholder data based on its transmission — whether its processed, stored or just transmitted over a network. In addition, they create security programs to protect cardholder data. As a merchant it is your responsibility to protect the cardholders data or can face significant fines. Global Processing Systems will work with you to become PCI certified and assist in doing everything you are required to fulfill these requirements.

Understanding Your Fees

When combined Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover have more than 200 interchange fees and categories where a credit card might qualify. Many competitors will give you an effective rate comparison which is basically the total fees you paid divided by the volume. This is an completely innacurate way to provide you with rates or pricing. Any reputable company will take the time to review all the different categories and give you the best model and pricing for your business. We will spend the time to assist you in paying lower merchant account fees. We will act as your outside consulting firm advising you on saving money.

For additional information call 866.823.1960 to speak to a Global Processing Systems representative today or visit our online contact form.

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