Establishing & Managing Accounts

How do we establish an e-commerce merchant account?
There are several ways to establish an e-commerce merchant account:

If your website is complete and you need processing, simply contact us. In just a few days, your business can be an online merchant, ready to accept payments 24 hours a day and around the world. If you are an existing e-commerce merchant looking for the lowest rate card processing solution, please contact us.

How can we establish a retail or online merchant account?
Simply fill out our “contact sales form” and a sales representative will contact you within one business day. If you prefer to speak with one of our friendly experts, you can call us at 866.823.1960. Our trained experts will listen to your needs and find solutions to help you exceed your business objectives. It’s that easy.

What are the costs for your processing and other services?
All of our customers have unique needs, so our processing services are customized according to the particulars of their business. Pricing is based on factors such as industry type, payment acceptance method, card types accepted, and several of other variables. Every merchant receives a tailored pricing quote from one of our helpful representatives, after completing a “sales contact form” or by calling us at 866.823.1960.

How long will it take to set up our merchant account?
Most of the time it only takes 2 to 3 business days, depending upon several factors including: completeness of the submitted application, accuracy of the information provided, and any additional paperwork required. Once your application has been approved, it usually takes just a short time to have you accepting payments.

Why does Global Processing Systems need to review my credit information?
Applying for a merchant account is the same as applying for an unsecured line of credit. When a transaction takes place, the cardholder is debited and the merchant’s bank account is credited for the amount of the transaction. At that point the funds are in your bank account and you control those funds. However, the cardholder still has chargeback rights and can dispute the transaction for up to 180 days from the date the services are fulfilled. When a cardholder files a chargeback with a valid reason code, the funds are automatically withdrawn from the merchant’s bank account and credited back to the cardholder. Global Processing Systems wants to ensure that each merchant is financially sound, has a viable business, and is operating in good faith and standing, so these disputes can be resolved with the merchant.

What will our statement look like?
Your statement will show all deposits made into your account, as well as any charges made against it. We will mail your statement to you each month, and we have friendly trained customer service representatives who will be glad to go over it with you at anytime.

Is there a contract?
Yes. We have different contracts depending on the merchant’s individual processing needs and size.

We want to start conducting transactions over the Internet. Do we need to set up a new account or can I use my existing account?
Please contact your Account Executive to handle this addition to your account. We will provide you with a separate account to clearly show the activity and charges on each account.

Can a foreign merchant outside the U.S. apply for a merchant account with Global Processing Systems?
Yes. Global Processing Systems is partnered with several organizations that enable us to provide merchant services outside of the U.S.

Does an approved merchant account have a processing limit?
Yes. All merchant accounts are approved based upon actual or projected processing dollar volume. Global Processing Systems monitors all account activity and always reserves the right to review accounts at any time if the processing volume is significantly higher or lower than the level represented on the merchant application.

Are we liable for disputed transactions?
The rules and regulations of MasterCard® , Visa®, and Discover® Card Association govern liability with respect to all disputed transactions. Global Processing Systems provides products and services to enable our merchants to manage this process efficiently.

How do we receive payment for the transactions submitted to Global Processing Systems?
Global Processing Systems uses Automated Clearing House (ACH), to remit funds due for your MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Diners Card/Carte Blanche and JCB transactions directly to your business bank account. When and/or if you establish a service agreement with American Express and/or Discover, these issuers will obtain your business banking information and pay funds directly to those accounts.

How can we view our account information?
Global Processing Systems currently offers several online and offline tools to allow you to access information about your merchant account. Using these tools will enable you to view, download and import various types of account information (transaction activity, deposits, funding, chargebacks, retrievals and statement information).

At what point should I inform my current payment processor that I will be closing my account?
Once your new account is approved, and the equipment is installed and/or reprogrammed, then you can inform your previous processor that you are closing your account with them. This will insure uninterrupted service.

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