For your face-to-face transaction processing needs, a retail merchant account enables you to authorize, settle, and manage credit card transactions from your retail store using a variety of point of sale solutions and connectivity methods. With choices ranging from direct dial terminals, Internet gateway accounts, mobile payment applications for your smart phone, or a professional integrated POS solution, Global Processing Systems is ready to help.

In an ever changing industry, Global Processing Systems is committed to providing the best processing available, incorporating speed of processing and security in every solution we bring to the merchant.

Simplified Retail Merchant Services

Limiting the types of payment that you accept also limits your customer base, as today’s consumers are carrying less cash and relying heavily on their credit cards and debit cards to make purchases, both large and small. With Global Processing’s retail merchant services, you can start accepting credit cards right away – increasing profits as customers spend more on impulse buys and higher-end purchases that they wouldn’t normally pay for with cash. Setup is quick and easy, and our streamlined solutions help to simplify the payment process.

Efficient Retail Credit Card Processing Terminals

A Global Processing retail merchant account allows you to authorize point-of-sale transactions quickly and efficiently with our up-to-date POS equipment. Customers can swipe their credit cards or enter their debit PINs with ease and security, creating a retail payment processing system that leads to more transactions in a shorter period of time. With faster checkouts and efficient data verifications, you’ll improve customer service while dramatically increasing sales.

PCI Compliance at the Point-of-Sale

At Global Processing Systems, keeping credit card information safe is a top priority. Our retail merchant services comply with PCI DSS standards, maintaining the highest levels of security to minimize the risk of credit card fraud, which protects the merchant from risk, and loss. PCI compliant security features such as end-to-end encryption keep credit card numbers encrypted from the point of swipe to authorization and every point in between, while address verification systems help verify the true cardholder. Protect your business and your customers with Global Processing Systems.

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