Learning & Resources

Global Processing Systems will teach you and provide all the necessary resources for your success.

The benefits of your merchant account with Global Processing Systems are not limited to our always low prices, maximum savings, and trouble fee state of the art processing systems. We realize that the more knowledgeable our merchants are, the better their processing experience will be. That’s why we are dedicated to educating our merchants so they can really appreciate the total benefit of their Global Processing Systems merchant account. We want to help them avoid the deceptive practices of many of the so called “experts” who always “claim” to offer greener pastures for your account while they pat the merchants back with one hand, and reach deep into their pocket with the other. We want all of our merchants to be aware of the facts of accepting credit cards so they can rest easy with the knowledge that they have made the right decision to process with us today, and into the future.

Here we will explain the basics of credit card processing. We take you through the nuts and bolts of the credit card processing transaction, from the Authorization, to settlement, to funding. We will also keep you up to date with industry news and rule changes, and we will explain the chargeback process, and what the merchant can do to protect their business from loss.

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