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Terminal Installation

Many customers start getting nervous when they wonder how we get the terminal installed or reprogrammed. Not everyone is technically inclined; however everybody is certainly in business to maximize their bottom line. This is all about making and saving money. No need to worry because at Global Processing Systems we install, reprogram and set up new systems every day. It’s a painless process and actually, there are several ways that we do this, so let’s discuss a few.

Many merchants already have a credit card terminal that is compatible with our systems. In fact, 98% of existing equipment is reprogrammable. Most of the time we will have one of our trained technicians call you to walk you through a short download. Our tech will be with you on the phone to tell you exactly which buttons to push and most downloads take only 30 minutes to complete, although a few terminal types can take up to an hour. Our tech will ask you to speak to him on a different phone line than the line that is being used to do the download, and he might ask you to plug the phone line in directly between the terminal and the telephone wall jack. It is a simple process and this is how we do it the majority of the time. If your account representative is in your local area, he may just drop by to do it for you. After the download we train the customer on the use of the terminal.

Another way we do this is to just reprogram a terminal to send to you. When you receive it you call our office, and our tech helps you to plug in the phone line correctly, the pin pad if any, and then last, the power cord. It needs to be in that order so we don’t spoil the special TDES encryption on the pin pad. We do this when the equipment is purchased, leased, has a special placement, or if we need to have you send us your terminal so that we can reprogram it or attempt to repair it in certain special situations. Once this is done we train the customer to use the terminal.

Wireless terminals are sent to the customer fully charged and activated. When the merchant receives this type of terminal they call the office for training on how to use the wireless terminal.

We always include quick reference guides to help the merchant operate all terminals.

We are there from start to finish. We train you and run a small test transaction to make sure everything is 100%.

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