Direct Dial Credit Card Terminals

Point of Sale Direct Dial

Choosing the credit card processing terminal that best fits your business can help you cut costs and increase profits. In face-to-face transactions, point of sale (POS) direct dial terminals are the preferred way of processing credit cards, debit cards, checks, electronic benefits transfers (EBTs) and other electronic transactions in a traditional retail/restaurant environment.

These terminals are used in “face-to-face” transactions, meaning that the customer is present. The merchant will swipe the customer’s card through the terminal or key in payment information and the terminal does the rest.

There are many credit card terminals on the market, but the ones we recommend are the most reliable, popular, and easiest to use. They are equipped with the latest technology, and represent the overall best value.

For merchants who have access to an Internet connection, we strongly recommend an IP-capable terminal, as they offer superior speed and transportability. You’ll also save the expense of installing additional analog phone lines.

At Global Processing Systems our helpful Account Representatives and Technical Support people can help you make the decision to choose which terminal is just right for you. We also offer 24/7/365 free technical support if you ever have a question about your equipment or just need assistance.

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