Hypercom T7P Thermal

The Hypercom T7P credit card machines provides saving on telephone line costs, time for settlement, clerk training and credit card processing time. Available for all POS applications at a reasonable price, the machines are large enough to adapt to new marketplace demands such as enhanced software for credit card processing. Although other credit card machines often struggle with reliability issues, the T7P credit card machine’s printer module, which can be replaced, increases reliability as credit cards are accepted.

The small printer and integrated credit card processing terminal of the Hypercom T7P credit card machines decrease clutter and save space on crowded counters. Providing activation with single strokes to accept voids, debits, refunds, checks and credit cards, among others, the machine’s 35-key keyboard is user-friendly.

They Hypercom T7P can process 200 transactions per batch, the T7P credit card machine’s 512K memory can handle credit card processing applications that are extremely complex. Efficient for busy environments, the machine can respond to dial transactions within 10 seconds making credit card acceptance efficient. And for debit transactions, the Hypercom’s S7 PIN pad has a peripheral port.

For bars and restaurants without adequate lighting, the machine’s 2X20, LCD back-lit display provides great visibility. Changing ribbons and paper, as well as accepting credit cards, has never been easier for clerks.


  • Standard, full track 1- and 2-card reader
  • Small footprint
  • Printer module (replaceable)
  • LCD display: 2X20 back-lit
  • Optional IC card reader
  • 512K memory
  • 35-key, user-friendly keyboard
  • Fast dial transaction (under 10-second response)
  • Easy maintenance

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