Orbital Payment Gateway

Orbital Payment Gateway allows online payment processing for the most simple small business setups or can be used for state of the art POS systems. At Global Processing Systems we can customize the products that will meet the needs of your business. We provide full service and support.

Orbital Payment Gateway will:

  • Save time and money with simple, easy to use options
  • Secure your data and help with PCI DSS compliance
  • Allow recurring payments and increase cash flow
  • Provide reliable, worry free operations
  • Retrieving pre-existing customer profile to eliminate data entry errors
  • Allow easy file updates with the Account Updater feature
  • Accept a wide range of credit and debit payment types including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Network and Chase Paymentech Gift Cards

Recurring Payments

Your customers will have flexible payment solutions such as recurring payments; the ability to run special promotions with deferred or installment type payments; or can collect regular fees. It can be done automatically using Orbital Managed Billing, and will help cash flow by performing on a regular schedule. The Orbital Managed Billing system can even recycle declined authorizations, saving sales that would otherwise be lost. It allows you to deliver e-mail messages directly to your customers, providing notification of key events in their payment cycle. Also, detailed reports provides you with a perspective of all aspects of your payment operations.

Secure Data Storage With The Customer Profile Management Module

With the Customer Profile Management module you can securely store your customer data off-site, which eliminates the need to re-key or even retain store account data for repeat customer purchases at your business location. Once a customer profile is created, all transactions can be easily processed by utilizing an assigned profile number. It’s safe, easy, and secure. A customer profile can be made for any consumer making payment in one of more than 130 different currencies currently supported by the Orbital Payment Gateway. Of course this option helps your PCI DSS objectives.

Easy Integration With Existing Systems

Orbital Payment Gateway also provides multiple integration options compatible to your technical environment. This includes easy integration with most popular hosted storefront and e-commerce service providers, providing a streamlined payment solution without the need for costly additional development.

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