Why Choose Us

Global Processing Systems Inc (GPS) provides America’s businesses with the ability to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Debit Cards, ATM, Gift Cards, Checks, EBT, and other forms of payment by opening a merchant account. We specialize in providing ways for merchants to accept major credit cards and bankcards for payment. Global Processing Systems proudly serves its clients by providing leading-edge technology coupled with friendly and dedicated customer service. We offer the highest quality merchant services in the industry, with state of the art security and encryption, and also guarantee to provide the absolute lowest total processing cost. We are completely committed to earning and retaining your business. We have sales representatives throughout the United States ready to serve you.

Our premise is simple. We know that you need the lowest cost possible to maximize your profits, and we want to handle your merchant account. We will make a proposal that makes absolute fiscal sense to you.

Our costs are far lower than any bank and lower than any of our competitors because we are willing to structure our pricing so that we retain your business for the long term. That is a strong statement, but the plain truth. Your funds can be deposited into any checking account in the country, and we are committed to exceeding your expectations so that we can earn your business today, and retain your business for tomorrow.

Should you consider accepting credit and debit cards at your business? The answer is a resounding yes. Imagine for a moment, a store counter crowded with customers, long cash register lines, and phone order lines jammed. Crowds of customers lined up to purchase your products or services.

That’s a great visual, but let’s take it to the next level. Let’s put a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card in each of their pockets, each with their pre-approved line of credit, poised to be spent. Better yet, those pockets hold even more, they also have debit cards linked directly to their bank accounts, each with the potential to be spent in you’re business.

The truth is that most consumers don’t have only one of these cards in their pockets, but several. This vision just keeps getting better and better, and is an example of consumer buying power at its finest. It is an absolute business necessity that you have complete access to this incredible flow of buying power.

Research has shown that businesses that accept credit cards increase their profit margins on an average by 20% to 40%! This is absolute proof of a well know fact. America carries plastic, and lots of it. The road to profit begins here. Not only do you need access to this raging flow of funds, but you need access at the lowest cost to you. That’s where Global Processing Systems comes in and satisfies all of your needs.

Our thousands of satisfied customers can attest that once the “math” is done, Global Processing Systems continually proves, over and over again, to have the lowest cost to the merchant in the industry. Other companies charge outrageous hidden transaction and assessment fees, as they “let the other shoe drop” on their so-called “lowest rates” or “free equipment” claims. We all know that nothing in this world is free, but in truth there really is a single best deal available. At Global Processing Systems we have the best deal available and stand ready to prove it at anytime.

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