Point Of Sale Equipment

POS Systems for Hi Speed Transactions

Authorizing transactions efficiently at the point of sale is necessary to ensure your business maintains a steady cash flow and a secure network. A POS system includes a credit card module built into your computer system, rather than a standalone terminal. Global Processing Systems POS systems allow merchants to determine whether a cardholder is an authorized user with sufficient credit just moments after swiping the card.

Wide Range of Credit Card POS Systems

With Global Processing Systems, you can choose from a variety of point of sales systems, terminals and software that fit your business’ needs. We specialize in selling PC America POS Systems which keeps track of inventory, time card functions, purchase orders, and works well in restaurant and retail applications. Many options are available, including cash drawers, scanner, barcodes, weight scale, printers, order display screens, order and pay station options available to fit the needs of your business and your budget.

However, whether your business is already utilizing PC America, Aldelo, Micros, Squirrel, Aloha or another system, you will always be able to quickly authorize credit cards, debit cards and checks almost instantly, allowing for more transactions in shorter time by processing your credit card payments through Global Processing Systems.

PCI Secure Processing at the Point of Sale

Securing your customers’ credit card information is crucial to reducing the risk of credit card fraud and protecting your business. Global Processing Systems credit card POS systems comply with the highest PCI DSS security standards, increasing your business’ reliability as a secure, responsible merchant. Keep your business and your customer’s safe with Global Processing Systems.

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